Hacienda Macalauan Inc.
Schedule for Comprehensive Farm Management Trainees
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Wk1 Wk1 Wk1 Wk1 Wk1
Pre-tests Semen collection & processing Medication lecture Demo: Esophageal intubation Demo: Utrasonography
Farm Orientation   Distribution of reading materials Hands-on: Assist Medication - calves  
Lecture: Breeding   Discussion - Mediacal cases Hands-on: Rectal palpation Hands-on: Rectal palpation
Demo: Breeding paraphernalia   Lecture: Vaccination protocol 1. Heifers (2) 1. 2 months pregnant (2)
Distribution of reading materials Lecture: Bovine physiology estrous cycle Year round vaccination planning 2. Cycled (2) 2. 4 months pregnant (2)
Lecture: Recordkeeping for breeding Lecture: Farm recordkeeping Hands-on: Assist Medication -calves 3. Cystic ovaries (2), if any 3. 6 months pregnant (2)
Distribution of Individual records for animals     Demo: Ultrasonography 4. 8 months pregnant (2)
Wk2 Wk2 Wk2 Wk2 Wk2
Hands-on: Practice insertion of specimen Semen collection & processing Hands-on: Practice insertion A.I. Hands-on Farm work Observe milking & C.M.T
Hands-on: Practice insertion by A.I.   1. Cycled heifers (2) 1. Palpation Hands-on: Assist Medication - calves
1. Cycled heifer (2)   2. Cycled cows (2) 2. Artificial insemination, if any Lecture: Mastitis
2. Cycled cows (2)   Hands-on: Hands-on: Assist Medication - calves Lecture: Milking parlor
    1. Palpation Hands-on: Refractometer  
Lecture & Hands-on: Locomotion scoring   2. Artificial insemination, if any Hands-on: Colostrometer Hands-on: Ultrasonography
Hoof lecture Observe & hands-on: hoof trimming Lecture of bull management    
    Lecture: Ultrasonography Observe & hands-on: hoof trimming  
Wk3 Wk3 Wk3 Wk3 Wk3
Hands-on: Assist Medication - calves Hands-on: Metricheck and treatment Observe milking Hands-on: Metricheck and treatment Discussion
Lecture: Calf management     1. Palpation Wrap-up
Discussion Hands-on: Assist Medication - calves Lecture: Nutrition Hands-on Farm work Post-test
  Demo Dehorning Lecture: Basic feed formulation 1. Palpation  
Formulation on breeding plan for own farm Demo Castration Ocular - feedstuffs 2. Artificial insemination, if any  
Recording of breeding status Demo: Rumen magnet installation Ocular -pasture 3. Calf scoring  
Reproductive health program planning Lecture: Classification      
Training Fee: Php 6,000/head/week
Accommodations, metals and snacks not included
Inclusive of reading materials
Trainees are free to observe the farm operations during their free time.
They may be asked to assist on medication of existing cases.