Hacienda Macalauan farm is situated at Andres Soriano Avenue, Barangay Mabacan, Calauan, Laguna, which is in the main barangay road and about 2 kilometers from the main town. Calauan town is situated within the province of Laguna, located some 30 kilometers south of Manila, and bounded on the north by Rizal, on the east and south by Quezon, and on the west by Cavite and Batangas.

The farm has an automated milking parlor, high quality collection system and lot feeding system with stable equipment. Its operation follows Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and follows certain biosecurity measures, such as the placement of a Foot Bath at the gate of the Farm for FMD prevention. In addition, the farm’s cattle herd regularly given the necessary vaccines for disease.

Our Herd

Hacienda Macalauan’s dairy products are derived primarily from a tropically ideal breed, Holstein Friesian Sahiwal cows, which came from Australia and New Zealand. The Holstein Friesian breed originated in Holland and the Sahiwal breed originated from Pakistan. This type of cross breeding takes advantage of the high milk production of the Holstein breed and the heat tolerance of the Sahiwal breed. The herd is constantly being upgraded and provided with the best possible care to ensure good health and maximum productivity. Illness is minimized by providing a sanitary environment, specialized diet and compassionate, attentive daily care.

Dairy Cow Nutrition
Good nutritional management is always important in having high yielding lactating cows. The herd is fed with the finest Napier grass and seeds imported from Thailand. The specialized diet includes spent grain, copra mixed with molasses, corn stalks, Ipil-ipil and our specially made protein and mineral blocks.

Dairy Cow Nutrition
Lactating cows are also provided with dairy concentrates thus enabling Hacienda Macalauan Inc., to produce premium milk that is without antibiotics, growth hormones or dangerous pesticides.