ORGANIC COCONUT WATER – Bulk Aseptic, Frozen, or Frozen Concentrate

Hacienda Macalauan’s process begins with coconut water drained from freshly de-husked coconuts. The water is batch processed in order to ensure freshness. After each batch is checked for quality, it can either be pasteurized and frozen or UHT pasteurized and packed in bulk. For concentrate, the water content is reduced in order to bring the product to 60° BRIX and frozen.

The coconut water can be re-packed and ready to drink, or can be used as a base for beverages. The concentrate can be reconstituted and used as is or mixed with your choice of flavorings. Coconut water concentrate is ideal because it reduces the carbon footprint of your operation as well as giving you flexibility in storage and shelf-life.

Coconut water is a great beverage with numerous health benefits due to its’ mineral and electrolyte content.

Packaging Options: 210L Bag-in-Drum, 20L Bags, 210L Bag-In-Drum