Hacienda Macalauan Inc.’s coconut processing facilities are located in Barangay Mabacan, Calauan, Laguna. As it sits today, the plant has the capacity to process 100 tons of fresh de-husked coconut. With the use of an integrated approach to processing, all product lines are ready within hours of opening the coconut. This ensures the highest level of quality and consistency when dealing with such a sensitive raw material. HMI uses some of the best processing equipment available, from the German fabricated centrifuges to the brand new
steam-dryer used for the production of coconut flour.

Currently, the facilities are Certified Organic under USDA/NOP and EU regulations via Ceres GmbH. Organic Certification requires stringent controls of inputs which not only provides a system for ensuring quality, but also traceability. HMI is dedicated to following these measures in order to maintain the status of being an organic certified.

The plant is Kosher certified under the supervision of Star-K. The HACCP and GMP certifications are under process.